Saturday, December 14, 2013

Amazon's Chat Service is the worst I've encountered

Background: I ordered an item on Amazon from a third party seller in China. I received the wrong item. I contacted the seller through Amazon and they responded with a "?" No words, just a question mark. I called Amazon and they e-mailed the seller to say I received the wrong item. The seller responded with a form e-mail telling me to be patient because shipping from China is slow. I initiated a chat with Amazon to see what I should do next since the seller is not reading e-mails.

This chat took 29 minutes:

Me: I am concerned about Order Number ####. The seller shipped the wrong item. I contacted them and they responded on December 6, telling me to be patient because the item is probably still on its way. They obviously did not read my message and responded with a form e-mail.

Amazon:Hello (/0), my name is Paul. I’ll be happy to assist you.How are you doing?

Me:Great and you?
Amazon:I am good thank you for confirm that you would like to confirm where your order is?
Me:No I received the wrong item
I've e-mailed the seller twice and the first time he responded witha question mark.
The second time he said to be patient because items take long to ship. (this is all through Amazon so they should be able to see this)
Amazon:I do see that the seller was correct that the item Estimated Delivery Date: Monday, December 16, 2013 - Friday, January 3, 2014
Me:I received the wrong item.
Amazon:was that the recent order?
Me:Yes. They are not reading the e-mails I am sending saying I received the wrong item and responding with information which does not apply to my order. <----- subtle dig
Amazon:They have sent a replacement item for that which the Estimated Delivery Date is Monday, December 16, 2013 - Friday, January 3, 2014
Me:Are you sure? I do not see that information. That was the original delivery estimate date for the order I received.
Amazon:Let me have a look at that for you?
Me:That would be great.
Amazon:I do see that the email the seller sent and they have confirmed that they have sent the correct item out to you For the shipping time, the item was shipped from China, the other side of the biggest Ocean- The Pacific Ocean. It is a long way from China to your country. So it takes 20-28 working days from China to your country.I can understand that you want to receive the item as soon as possible. But please check the description again. And you can also check your order history for the estimated shipping date.The seller is the one who is shipping the item so they will be making further contact with you
Me:Please read what I am typing. I received the item already. It arrived ahead of scheduled time but was the wrong item.
I am a "kill them with kindness" kind of customer (see the please?) but this PaulJ guy should be fired. Either he's multitasking too many chats or he can't read. Amazon is a huge company and this abysmal level of "service" was really surprising.
Its a good thing I have dual monitors and know how to multi-task too.


kate steeper said...

im so glad that this happens to other people as well as me ...the best i can suggest is a large gin & tonic for the frustration