Friday, November 15, 2013

Wait Glasbake isn't Pyrex?

I know I said I would only thrift once a week but I was in the neighborhood:

Pampered Chef Heart Bread Tube (????) - $1.49
Glasbake dish - $1.49
Extra lid I thought went with the tube but maybe doesn't? - Free

Everyone is always going on about these types of dishes so I figured I would buy one. Its really heavy and eBay demand for it aren't that great for it so I will try craigslisting.

Michelle asked in the comments what the heart pan does so I googled. It shapes dough or ice cream you push into it. If you bake the dough afterwards it will look like this:

More images and review here:

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Michelle said...

I'm curious about that bread tube -- does it bake heart shaped bread? Not that I even bake bread shaped bread, but the idea makes my heart go pitty-pat. :-)

Anny said...

Yep, that is exactly what it does!

laura sampson said...

I think you could sell it locally on a Garage Sale group on Facebook--I LOVE to sell there NO! shipping :)