Monday, November 18, 2013

USPS saved my eBaying butt!

Remember on the 9th when I complained about that jerky eBay buyer who claimed stuff was broken but would not provide pictures or open a USPS case? (over here:

Well he finally provided pictures on the 11th (almost two weeks after he started claiming stuff was broken) and I opened an insurance case with USPS the same day. Well USPS never contacted me but I received a reimbursement check for the selling price plus shipping today! The check says it was cut on the 14th so they processed my claim in less than three days.


Maybe for such small claims ($5 item plus $10ish shipping) they don't bother verifying information because the website said they may contact me or the buyer or request the item be returned to them.

As grateful as I am for USPS I really wish eBay was more useful. That was a stressful situation and all they did was say "Well its your responsibility to make sure items arrive safely."

Maybe they thought my user name was PonyExpress.