Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ugh eBayers

I have dozens of positive eBay experiences monthly but there is always that "one" person. Here's the background:

1. Guy buys 2 hockey glasses for $5 with $10 shipping (they were heavy)
2. Guy does not pay until the VERY last day his non-paying bidder case was open
3. Guy claims a glass arrived broken
4. Guy opens a case with eBay
5. Things get stupidder

So these glasses shipped via Priority Mail with an automatic $50 insurance tacked on BUT

1. He refuses to open an insurance case with USPS because he says its my fault the glass broke
2. I keep requesting pictures of the broken glass or the note he claims the mailman left but he won't provide them

This has been going on for a week and is SO FRUSTRATING!

I believe the glass was never broken and he has buyer's remorse. eBay, as usual, is absolutely useless in the matter. The customer service rep told me its the seller's responsibility to ensure items arrive unbroken.

Well, duh.

Basically eBay is going to side with this jerk who won't provide pictures of the broken item or any proof they were ever broken. Delivery confirmation does not note any damage was done to the box either.

If I could kick someone through their eBay account I would.

Update: USPS made it right less than a week later.


kate steeper said...

Been there and done that, these are the ones that drive you mad and make you question why you even sell on ebay . I always find that putting "very gracious when item arrived broken" in their feedback , stops them doing it repeatedly . You can tell those who do it all the time , their straight on to ebay , but youve said nothing negative so what can they do .

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry. Whatever happens, I would block this buyer asap. I try to only have to deal with jerks once.