Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thrifting it up on Tuesday

I know I said last week I should cut down the thrifting to once a week but the stuff was so good today I may go back tomorrow!

At Ye Olde Dependable Salvation Army:

Bob Siemon mug - .29
Ralph Lauren mug - .29
3 Wise Men Asian figurines - .79 each

So this Bob Siemon just takes bible verses and puts it on stuff: http://bobsiemon.com/. I have google and an extensive font collection - I could do that!

The 3 Wise Men figurines are very cool and feel like metal...but magnets don't stick to them. Odder still are the markings I was not able to properly photograph here. With that kind of nebulous description they probably won't fetch much.

Then off to the Little Thrift Shop! I joined a facebook group where people are selling Ugly Christmas sweaters so I figured I would jump on the bandwagon!

Woman's Sweater (WITH BELLS AS BUTTONS!!!) - $1.50
Kid's Size 2 Ugly Sweater - .25
Kid's Paul Frank Hoodie - .25
2 Christmas Ornaments - .25 each
Microdermabrasion Kit + Refill Stuff - $4

That kit is going to be my single largest return on investment to date!

This oddly happy clown is part of a series of Italian Christmas clowns. I'm not lying. Sadly they don't fetch much.

I think this is a sun catcher, not an ornament. I hung it from our bathroom window so it can reflect the sunrise we will never see because we wake up half a dozen hours later ;)

Gosh, what a fun shopping day!

I'm hanging with a Canadian Thrifter at Thriftasaurus.


Veronica said...

I can't believe the prices at your Salvation Army. Mine are outrageous. Rarely buy there anymore. Nice finds.