Monday, November 18, 2013

Sears has a bunch of shoes for $1.xx

Look a bag of shoes!

Sears has all Bongo Shoes 50% off until tomorrow. On top of that there is a 15% friends and family discount AND $10 back in points on shoes (not slippers). The best part is points roll so you can order, wait for your points and order again.

I did it seven times.

Don't order the Cliques. Super cute but I read the reviews AFTER placing my order and both said it made their feet bleed. The back is really tough so these may stick around until garage sale season next year.

The Casual Glimmer are nicer than they look and very comfy. I ordered a half size larger but they seem to run true to size.

These are for a Christmas gift. Very cute.

These are also for a Christmas gift. Unfortunately I ordered a size 6 and they gave me someone else's size 7.5. I didn't notice because well...bag of seven shoes. They even have another customer's name on them. Oh well, I will exchange them tomorrow.

I also ordered the Casual Ballet a half size too big. I already placed a smaller order for pick up because at those prices? Its better to gift or sell the wrong size than bother exchanging.

Don't forget to go through Discover.Com for your bonus 10% back!