Thursday, November 28, 2013

Oh Right, Walmart Sucks

Full Disclosure:
I dislike Walmart. Their prices are mediocre, coupon policy stinks and parking lots are always overpacked. I only go when an aunt who doesn't drive gets Walmart gift cards from her job.


This Black Friday they were going to have awesomeness!
Vampire Diaries Season 4 Blu-ray - $10
Monster's University Blu-ray - $10
Hulk Blu-ray Steelbook - $4
Harry Potter Blu-Ray I'm Missing - $4

The prices started looking better and better as it became evident Amazon was not price matching anyone this Black Friday Season.

So when Walmart tweeted sales would go on-line at 8am est I went to bed, confident I could snag some of the stuff.


They went live at least five hours before then!!! By the time I got up everything was sold out!!! Who tweets a lie!?

Oh it was awful.

My husband suggested we brave the cold and go in-store. Hardly anyone was there around 2pm but hardly anything was on the shelves either. They were boxxed up and marked "6pm" We were in and out with one purchase:

Monsters University for $10 was on my wishlist so I was happy.


I kept thinking of those boxxed up shelves and the covettedness inside. I kept looking at the $50 price tag on Vampire Diaries s4 on Amazon.

So I went back with my aunts at 6:30 and it was TERRIBLE. We were at least 200 people and half an hour away from the door. Even worse, once I was inside I had to stand in line in order to get into the dvd section! At least this time I wasn't freezing BUT there was something even worse - all the prettily advertised blu-rays Walmart advertised were dvd only editions.



UGH!!! Still I kept looking at VDS4 and finally....I bought it. I would never have bought it on-line but I waited SO LONG and there was only one copy on the shelf and I made a stupid choice.

Pick the oddball video format which is getting returned soon. I don't even own Lie to Me Season 2 because it only came out on dvd.

Here's what I ended up with:

Kiddie toy for 11 month niece - $5
Lalaloopsy pjs for 5 year old niece - $4.50
Harry Potter D7 - $4
Monster University - $10
VDS4 - $10

That kiddie toy doesn't make noise and all the ones at Walgreens do plus they are 40% off so I have a feeling its going back with VDS4. The Collector's Edition of MU was also ringing up $10 so I grabbed it to return the earlier one.

On the plus side its the 2 disk edition of Harry Potter.

On the downside the plastic on the case was very wrinkled but by then I didn't even care. I will change it the next time I mail out a two disk movie on Swapadvd.

We left around 7:30 because checking out took about half an hour too. The line outside was even worse - there were at least 500 waiting to get in.

Never again Walmart.

You lied about blurays, you lied about steelbooks and all your Harry Potter blu-rays had wrinkled covers. From now on our relationship is strictly cyber.