Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oh Man, Walgreens had Nightmare Before Christmas Stuff

Don't you hate it when you find out something awesome after the fact? I was perusing the Walgreens 75% off Halloween stuff and ONLY THEN did I find out they had a ton of Nightmare before Christmas stuff!

My store had lenticular notebooks for .50, journals for $1.25, pens, pencils, clear cups, plastic cups, keychains and a lot of other randomness I would have paid FULL PRICE for. Unfortunately I showed restraint and only came home with the stuff I really liked:

5" tall Jack Statue - $1.99 (would love to find a Sally!)
Picture frame - $3.75
Plastic lenticular cup - .25

This was the whole haul:

5 glitter pumpkins - .25 each
Web table runner - $1

It just occurred to me I can use those glittery pumpkins NOW with our fall decor. Time to go unpack them from the Halloween stuff!


So the internet showed me lots of other cool stuff I could have bought if I'd been on the ball:

There was a WHOLE display! I would have gotten a door bow in an instant. At least it looks like there weren't any Sally figurines so no need to regret that one ;)


But this mug would have made me happiest of all.

Although this badass little guy would have awesome to come home to.


Alicia said...

I think Walgreens and CVS is one of those places that you need to visit every other day or so cause you never know what they are going to have discounted. Target is like that too. You did good!

Marci Evans said...

I also got the Oogie Boogie figurine in addition to the Jack one that you have. I never saw a Sally figure.