Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MORE Kosta Boda for me!!!

Remember when I acknowledged I had too many candle associated....things and I was going to stop buying it UNLESS it was Kosta Boda?

2 MORE Kosta Boda candle holders - .50 each at the little thrift store
2 Packs of battery operated LED lights at Habitat - $2 each

My Habitat store has a HUGE display of Christmas lights up:

They were $10 each and while I want to put up lights outside our (NEW!) house I need to check prices first. $10 a box seems fair but Home Depot should be encouraging me to trade in my garage sale lights for $3 off new lights soon.

These battery operated lights take 3 AAA batteries but unlike last year's Martha Stewart battery operated lights they don't have built in timers. Still for $2?

Worth it.