Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Medical Thrift

Free eBay listings ended last night so of course I went thrifting today instead.

Very cheap haul at the little thrift store:

Build a Bear Cow - .50
3 Pairs of Jeans - $1
Baby lamb onesie - .25
2 Size 4 Satin shirts - .25 each
Coke Tee - .25

These shirts make me wish I was a size 4.

I don't know why this one shows up rotated but whatever. I may keep this shirt cause I like Coke and its funky. The Johnny Rockets pin was in the Free box. Looks like it goes for about $1 but eh it was free.

Salvation Army:

Ornament Hanger: $1.49
Claritin Mug: .79
2 Sonata Mugs - .29 each
Irish Blessing plaque - .79
Crystal Nutcracker - $1.49

Funny thing but I didn't realize that was an ornament holder until I was closer. I just saw stacked shiny organic circles and flocked. Now I have somewhere to display my favorite ornaments!

I am Irish by marriage so now I get to display things like this.

Hello Mr. Nutcracker, you look breakable!

What you're crystal? Let's go home!

I have to start decorating for Christmas soon because its all in danger of toppling over and haphazardly decorating itself!

Thriftasaurus Now!