Friday, November 22, 2013

Keep Pushing Holidays Back, yo!

Still ridiculous in 2013, bro
Did you read the memo Walmart's president put out saying Black Friday is a sport and they intend to win? wo0t! Not because I intend to go anywhere near a Walmart until MAYBE February once everyone returns all their unwanted X-Mas crap but because Amazon takes everything they say as a challenge and price match opportunity.

Keep it up!

Speaking of Black Friday shenanigans, Sears launched most of their Black Friday doorbusters on-line already! I mentioned my husband and I were in the market for a washer and dryer. Well one of the ones we were considering had a "limit 4 per store" fine print but is already in-stock to be ordered on-line!

Best of all, we ordered with my beloved Discover card which nets back 10% rewards on Sears.Com PLUS 5% bonus on on-line purchases. 15% is a lot to save on a washer and dryer. I plan to apply my cashback right on to the credit statement so its like an immediate savings on top of Black Friday savings.

Oh Black Friday, you make my Internal Consumer so happy!


Lori@BalladofaVintageNut said...

Gotta love competition in the marketplace!