Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Its all Christmas (and home repair)

I was chatting with the lady who runs the little thrift store and she said she could use volunteers Wednesday afternoons after 2. That works with my schedule so I may start doing that next month.

Asides from doing something nice volunteers get first dibs on donations and pricing privileges. I love all those things!

Here's what I got today:

3 Hardcover books - $1
Bag of vintage threaded baubles for eBay - $1
Bag of glass glittery baubles for me - .75
Mets bowtie - .50
4 Misc ornaments - $1

See that little suncatcher at the bottom left? It matches the one I bought yesterday.

I WAS going to try listing this one until I found it was made by my beloved Kosta Boda. Now I want to start collecting them too!

These are the ones I am going to try to sell. They are very lightweight.

These are the ones for me. I have so many plastic drugstore ornaments but these glittery glass ones are so cool. I'm over having a perfectly matching tree anyway - I want pretty, interesting mashups!

Vintage Apron - $1.50
Christmas kids sweater - $1.50
Talbots sleeveless blouse - .25

Bummer that kids ugly Christmas sweaters were $1.50 when they were .25 yesterday.

Isn't that a cool graphic?

Okay eBay, every time I say I need free listings you kick in. So let me get some more free listings!


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Cathey Ihms said...

I absolutely adore those cute lightweight ornaments! I'm always on the lookout now for cute vintage or vintage-looking ornaments since I've got a big second tree I need to fill this year - and only enough ornaments for one tree!
Great finds!

Van said...

Love the ornaments! I have NONE right now, not sure if I'll make or find some. :)

kate steeper said...

I have a nightmare where i work in a charity store and rescue so muchstuff im found crushed by it

jang geun gulk said...

I like all these ornaments! I am having one problem that is how to
Repair Bag?