Saturday, November 30, 2013

If you have a Dollar General nearby you should probably go visit

Dollar General has received an influx of $6 blu-rays! STEELBOOK blu-rays!

I bought

Men in Black 3
Battle Los Angeles
Hancock (regular blu-ray) with PS3 video remote

$6 each!

Of course what I was really looking for was the Spiderman set for a Christmas gift:

Or the Resident Evils on blu-ray. I have one I got from swapadvd ages ago but I am always looking for upgrades to my collection.

I did ruin someone's day though. He makes it sound like I spent $300. I got 2 steelbooks and 2 Hancocks. Of course, that is all they had ;)


Alicia said...

I went on Thanksgiving Day and they had a Sega Genesis with 80 loaded games for $40 and they had buy one get one half off. I hesitated and didn't buy one and went back today and they were out!! I've been kicking myself all day :(