Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I found a Starbucks mug!

eBay gave me another 200,000 free listings but I have over 150 items waiting for a new home so I don't want to go nuts buying too much more.

Small Haul Today:
Starbucks Tokyo Mug - .29
2011 Hallmark Ornament - .29

Sadly, this isn't one of the $300 mugs but it should sell quickly for about $15.

These are mugs I didn't buy although I kinda love that Diets are for Losers mug.

This was tempting too. I garage saled a similar bowl back in '09 but this one had a hole where one of the knots fell out. It was $3.99.

These bears keep calling my attention. I saw them yesterday for $2.99 each and today they were $5 for the pair. There aren't any marks and eBay doesn't appear to have anything similar. They are just nicely shaped, metal bears.

I am chilling at Nifty Thrifty.