Sunday, November 17, 2013

Free talk, text and data on Student Phones at Best Buy

Check out this sweet deal at Best Buy:

"Effective 11/15/13, Sprint and Best Buy have come together to launch Unlimited, My Way Student Promotion, which gives students up to 12 months of free talk, text and 1GB data on the Unlimited, My Way plan with the purchase of a smartphone at Best Buy."

If you want unlimited data its $10/month but with all these wifi hotspots who needs that?

The phones range from $250 to $900 for the iPhone which will do your laundry and cook your meals. Or call the dry cleaners and google recipes - I forget which. See phones here:

$250 breaks down to about $20 a month which isn't bad. I've had my little Virgin Mobile phone for years and pay $25 for unlimited text/data but only 300 minutes a month. The phone originally cost $150 so students definitely get a better deal here.

So what constitutes a student?

Must be an active student enrolled in a U.S.-based elementary, middle school, high school, college, university or accredited institute.  ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

Think I should tell my kindergartenner niece about this deal?