Friday, November 8, 2013

Eww Kenmore this isn't 1950

"My First Kenmore" should be targetted at folks in their twenties. It should have hookups for gas, electric and careful explanations to ensure houses are saved and insurance policies aren't involved. It shouldn't look like this:

She is laughing because her mom ordered take-out instead.

Sorting by color - never fun.

2 plus years? When was the last time a 2 year old saw anything with wrinkles?

My niece is in kindergarten. Think I can get away with putting stickers all over a Swiffer and getting her to clean our floors?

Practice makes perfect, after all ;)


kate steeper said...

Yuck...Its bad enough theyre pink . Let alone that a female 2 year old should be chained to her washer and cooker already.