Monday, October 21, 2013

You ever wonder about the stuff you sale?

Holy moly, I have over 120 auctions LIVE right now on eBay. I've been doing this for over 13 years (yay its my eBay-nniversary month) and have never had so many auctions going at once. The scary part is I have at least thirty more things I purchased just to list.

Fun times!

So remember these cups I bought last week for .25 each? As I was washing them I noticed there was a small indentation near the lip. I turned it over and sure enough there was a .5 pint size stamp on the bottom.

What could have been from Target's seasonal line last year are actually Sour Cream containers from the 1960s!!!

I was born in 1978!

They are not worth much - after all they are the equivalent of prettier pasta sauce jars from fifty years ago but isn't the history awesome? At least a decade before I was born someone went into a store, bought sour cream and kept the jar. Fifty years later I come by and buy them for .25 each at a garage sale.



Lori said...

Fun to research, isn't it?
I have several sour cream glasses/jars, and I think about the same thing: There once was a lady similar to me who bought sour cream at the store . . . .