Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When is a huge plastic diamond too much?

Barney Stinson was completely right - girls are attracted to shiny things. I practically get whiplash every holiday season!

I was at Office Depot picking up my free coffee and some more bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is 19.99 so I needed a penny filler item to use my $10 off $20 coupon. Sadly there weren't any errant Thank You cards but I found this:

Diamond post it pop up dispenser clearanced to .98 from 9.99

I've had the original square post it holder on my (various) desks for at least five years and it still looks and performs like new. I love the clear acrylic, the heft and how the black base blends right in.

In fact I love my dispenser so much I kept one of the apple shaped ones for the kitchen. The upright shape make it easier to use whilst standing and its footprint is slightly smaller than the original square. It sits on top of the microwave and gets used many times a week but has never toppled.

I was concerned the base would scratch surfaces but its nicely lifted by these rubber feet. The whole thing feels as solid as the its apple and square predesessor. I am going to keep it in the eBay room, where I can use it to jot down weights and stuff. There's no way I could misplace a bright pink post there?


Cathey Ihms said...

I want a giant diamond post it holder! My post its are just sitting in a plain boring old stack on my desk... so sad