Sunday, October 13, 2013

Useful Saling

I've been garage saling so much lately! Unfortunately I am all out of eBay listings so its turned into clutter, not stock. I tried to sale less for profit and more for "keepsies" today.

This was the consumate twenty year old guy's garage sale. It was all electronics, car and sports stuff.

Spice Rack - $3
Armor All - $1 cause when you move, then garage sale your car gets filthy fast

I didn't buy anything for five or six sales then I got:

Mice on keyboard hologram ornament - .10 love it

 Stand-up Mirror: $5 (ignore all the stuff around it, I am hemming curtains and putting up hardware)

Candle: .75 (this is one of those big jar candles and its a light coffee, vanilla scent)

I skipped buying at the next few sales then I picked up 4 board books for paperbackswap: $1

and this large mirror - $6 at the same sale

Then I was turning towards home when I found a KILLER estate sale around 2pm. Estate sales are normally pricey but these were at garage sale prices!

$17 for all that!

The twin apothecary jars are HUGE! At least three feet tall each. I am picturing them filled with baubbles at Christmas.

The smaller jar is full of seashells. These guys had SO MANY shells. In the yard they had HUGE shells along the path. They had baggies full of shells labelled with different destinations.

The clear hobnail bowl makes me happy because it matches a milk glass one I saled about 4 years ago. I use the white one as a serving bowl and the clear one is holding onions now. I don't know what the small piece of jewelry is. An anklet? A tie thing?

I am going to bust this mercury glass out at Christmas and leave it up during the winter months. Ironically I prefer summer but so much of my decor is aimed at colder weather.

The trio on the right looks familiar. Its a family scene but darned if I know from where. Its incredibly beautiful though.

There was someone else in the yard handling the stuff for sale there:

Roll a Hose & Planter - $3

I was hoping the roll a hose was a soaking hose but its not. Reviews on Amazon are awful:

"The leaks are huge too. If the hose touches any object (step, stone, plant) it tears immediately. The hose must be completely unwound before use. Rolling up the hose is a time consuming effort as one waits hours for the water to get out of the hose."

I am hoping to have flower beds next summer. If its this bad maybe I can poke holes in it and leave it out permanently as a makeshift soaker.

The planter is pretty though.

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Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Great finds! I especially love the mirrors and apothecary bottles :)

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

A lot of useful finds... something I forget to look for at the thrifts because I'm always on the prowl for older items.

That shell guy, pretty interesting. When I was growing up I collected hundreds of pounds of "soft glass" or "frosted glass" out of Lake Eerie, but it just sat in our garage. We eventually gave it away when we moved.

Anny said...

That's too bad, I bet it was a gorgeous collection

Mid Mod Mom said...

Hi Anny,
The trio that you say looks familiar resembles the "shmoo" salt and pepper shakers designed by Eva Zeisel for Red Wing.

Shandell said...

Lots of great finds!! Love the apothecary jars :)