Thursday, October 24, 2013

So Nice I went back Twice

There's a Salvation Army near here. I drive past it at least twice a week. I've never gone in because its in a sketchy area near Section 8 housing. I figured anything donated there would be worse than the crap I already own.


I didn't realize the Salvation Army shipped stuff over from other places! The furniture was really cool and SO CHEAP. I was looking for chairs for my parent's basement for weeks and chairs there were only $2.99.


Anyway look at what I bought yesterday:

5  little yellow mugs - .29 each
Matching creamer & Sugar bowl - .49 each
Bag of vintage cookie cutters - .29
2 Japanese porcelain cups - .49 each
Green apothecary bowl - .79
2 white bowls - .99
2 Otagiri goblets - .49 each

Look at HOW AWESOME! I kind of want to keep them but I would need to refill them five times a meal. I am a thirsty blogger. I can't believe they were .49 each!!!

This was a case of "I saw another blogger sell these" not "I am up on famous Japanese pottery stuff."

My husband asked if we were keeping anything and I said maybe these white bowls. See the one on the left? Its one of two Gibson bowls I garage saled for $1 back in 2010 (its somewhere on the blog). I love these bowls SO MUCH! They are oversized and I use mix, cook, eat, hold fruit, etc. The Williams Sonoma ones are similar but heavier and say they are even broiler safe. I feel like my original Gibsons were knock-offs of these.

Flush with success I went on to the little thrift store which closes at six on Wednesdays.

Bear - $1 (I eBayed its twin for $10 so figured I'd get the other)
3 Brass and crystal candlesticks - $2

These are so gorgeous. Unfortunately I don't have romantic meals which call for this type of lighting.

Yesterday when I was at the Salvation Army I made it all the way to the register with a brass and crystal vase. It was only $1.99 but I was chock full of unique Japanese stuff that cost less than a buck and decided to leave it. I kept thinking about it and now bring you:

Salvation Army Day 2! 

Vase - .199
Big candle holder - 3.99
Otagiri ash tray - .29
Santa tray - .29
Harry Potter 1.49
Candles - .49

Guess what? The candles are perfectly sized for the holders I got yesterday :)

Isn't it pretty? I should have just gotten it yesterday.

They were rolling out stock as I was browsing and I saw this from a row over. I immediately wanted "whatever it was" because its my current favorite color and I love organic patterns. The $3.99 tag gave me pause though - I was only paying $1.99 for that great brass and crystal vase after all ;)

I am kinda regretting this one. Let's list the sins:

1. Doesn't look like Harry
2. No trademark glasses - even though he is reading!
3. His school robe looks like a bathrobe but he is clearly wearing -
4. A striped shirt I never saw him wear

I will list him cheap and hope he goes fast (that's what she said).

I gotta say thrifting at stores is MUCH easier than at garage sales. I am glad I found them as garage sale season was ending though - I would never have been able to keep up!

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Cathey Ihms said...

Those two goblets are awesome! You had some great finds! And I'm jealous that your S.A. has cheap furniture! Mine marks everything way up - it's crazy!

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Great finds! I love my Salvation Army. They have the best prices and inventory of any of the thrift shops in my area.