Sunday, October 6, 2013

Maybe saling later is better

This week it was overcast again and I left the house around 10:30-11. As usual the earlier sales were overpriced and the later ones full of AWESOMENESS!

This was the third sale I stopped at but the first I purchased anything at. It was being run by four girls under ten years old. I always feel pressured to buy when its kids doing stuff. There were two matching chairs at .50 each too but the kids had sharpied it to tarnation and I don't fancy painting.

Kid table - .50 (not 50$ as the tag says)

Two or three sales after that I bought what I now believe is a bootleg set of Highlander season one. The marbles are for my niece, who has asked me to teach her to hula hoop and jump rope. I figure any day now she will move on to the next 1950s game - shooting marbles.

3 Oggi containers for my tea and sugar - $2
Highlander Season 1 - $2
Bag of Marbles - $1

Two or three sales AFTER THAT I was about ready to go home when I ran across the oddest estate sale.

Three folks in their late 20s were renting a very cool, three story house. The previous owner had died ten years prior and it'd been rented since. The current owner lives in Florida and told them to garage sale whatever stuff had been accumulating from the original owner and subsequent tenants.

$2 - Gold apothecary jar
$2 - Pink depression cake stand (SO EXCITING TO FIND MY FIRST PIECE)

Isn't the detail so pretty? I don't know if I will keep it though. A woman only needs so much apothecary in her life and the one from last week is already holding candy on the kitchen counter:

Next sale was all kid's stuff but I found my first eBayables of the day:

5 Mam pacifier clips - $1

I bought these dvds on my way home. Three of them have light scratches and I was planning on sending them off to Disney for replacement but didn't realize that would cost $7 each. I may end up swapadvding them instead.

7 Dvds - $20 (eBay)

My luck turned around when I drove a few blocks past home instead of turning down my street. There was a block garage sale-fest going on!

Glass vase - $3
Tart warmer - $2 (was kinda looking for one of these)

I love this glass so much. Its on my desk now holding a bamboo plant who's roots were growing cramped in its previous container.

Sale right next door:

Still sealed Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 1 - $2 (eBay)
Murder One - Season 1 - $1 (eBay)
Glass tea light holder - .50 (I thought it was a Nybro but I guess not. Still fun to watch!)

Next door was a retired florist but I only picked up:

Out of Africa - $1 (swapadvd)
4 peonies - $1
3 set of Pampered Chef utensils - $1 (eBay)

Across the street:

Learn to play Harmonica - $1 (kinda want to keep this)
Blenko pillar candle holder - $1 (I love heavy glass so much)

Frought with my success I headed up a few blocks more and found a church rummage sale that was winding up even though it was only around 2pm.

First table:

Ellis Island mug, snowman taper holder, steampunk necklace - .50 for all three

20 glass 4" milk bottle bud vases - $1

At the next table I asked about the blue vase. The lady said I could have it and anything else on her table for free!

Blue vase, brass container with working lid, glass leaf candy dish, Avon egg with gold trim - Free!

This was a trio of old ladies:

6 dessert cups with awesome atomic pattern - $1

What a cool pattern!

This is the newspaper they were wrapped in - 1993! This is why I don't keep my "good stuff" wrapped up and away. I'd rather enjoy and risk breaking it than sell it for $1 twenty years later.

I ended up getting these sets too:

4 champagne flutes - $1
6 tumblers - $1
6 water glasses - $1


These adorable wooden pins were from the same old lady. They are about 4 inches tall.

8 wooden pin "trophies" - .50

I'd gotten in my car to drive away when I noticed a sign saying there was stuff INSIDE the church too! EVEN BETTER - by then it was 2ish and everything was half price!

3 Norman Rockwell mugs - $1.50 (eBay)

BIG Mikasa crystal bowl - $2.50

I was hemming and hawing and the lady running the sale suggested it could be used as a fruit bowl. I don't think I have space for a fruit bowl but I certainly buy fruit - SOLD! From the price tags looks like it was originally trying to sell for $10 so it was a good bargain.

Lenox bowl - $3 (currrently holding garlic cause its so pretty I want to look at it 24-7)
2 Pyrex bottles - .25 each (Halloween decor)
Green vase - .05
2 green bowls - .10

I feel like I see these all the time in blue. No idea who they are though.

So it turned out to be a really fun afternoon but lackluster morning. A lot of the sales earlier in the day are kinda overpriced and I think between 12-2 people are ready to drop prices rather than keep owning stuff I want.

I also ran into my first definite resellers. I was looking at breakables at one sale when a couple in their 50s showed up. They split and he practically ran to the table I was at. He grabbed the only thing of value there - a Lenox ornament. He didn't even look at it once it was in his hand, just started muttering as he listed everything else there. Then he said "Oh a bb gun!" and ran to another table. I followed cause I was curious. He said the price out loud and turned back to this wife, who was going through baby clothes. She'd managed to find a bunch of NWT Carter stuff. (Drats, that would have been an easy eBay!) She said a number and he said "Yeah it would sell for that easy." Then they were off to haggle and run off again.

Those guys were pros.

I am sharing at Sir Thrift a lot's cause I like seeing what everyone else bought too!


kate steeper said...

We dont get many garage sales here in the UK , but Im always late to church sales and the suchlike mainly because I dont like crowds and I buy stuff nobody in their right mind would want ..Kate

ARod Rodriguez said...

awesome haul you got some great finds

ThrifterSisters said...

Jeez! Quite the haul. The pink cake plate is my favorite. I collect pink depression glass so that would have definitely come home with me!

Good luck with your reselling :-)


Mid Mod Mom said...

Garage sales are randomly good for me, but when I find good stuff it makes it all worth while. You found a lot of stuff and had fun, that is what it is all about!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

The bowling pins are great - I love the size! I've got the same size, but only in S&P shakers.