Thursday, October 10, 2013

Holy crap I found a thrift store!!!

There aren't many (any?) thrift stores near me. Well today I was at the Habitat store where I picked up:

Serving plate - .50 (originally stickered $5 or something as ridiculous)
2 Mugs - $1

What do you fancy this is for? It looks like a regular cupcake/dessert tray but what's with this metal part? Is it meant to help it keep warm? Maybe its oven safe.

The mugs have a very faint signature.

and the lip is delightfully crooked

After the Habitat store I was FINALLY able to visit a shop which I've driven past hundreds of times but never visited because of its odd hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10-3, Wednesdays 10-6. It turns out its operated mainly by honor students at the attached school! All proceeds go towards scholarships and the place has been around for over fifty years. That explains the funky hours.

Anyway I picked up some randomly cute stuff:

5 padded envelopes - $1 (I'm looknig at you eBayables)
2 brushed aluminum frames - $2
Marriage certificate box - $1
Dark Angel seasons 1 & 2 - $6
Cherished Teddy - $1

Jury is still out on how practical the marriage certificate box is but it sure is cute. That reminds me - Paypal wants a copy of ours to verify my name change. They are more demanding than a real credit card!

I was planning on swapadvding the Dark Angels because while I have always heard good things, Fox cancelled it and denied fans closure. I hate having my heart broken.

Then I saw Dean! Look at how young he is! Its going to be weird listening to him without the base in his voice but I have to watch anyway!

Oh I got this little frame too. I came to the wedded life with many frames which matched my old apartment. Lets get some beautifully soothing seatones and metallics in here!

Halloween costumes were $1.50

I got myself a witch costume because its warm (hello cape AND hat) and my husband wants to take my niece out for the holiday.

Pirate girl costume #1 - $1.50

Pirate girl costume #2 - $1.50

Halloween is getting close so I am going to try craigslisting these first. My free eBay listings for the month are long gone but if they don't go fast on CG I will ask to borrow my husband's account to list them instead.

Fun times.

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