Thursday, October 3, 2013

Follow-Up: Office Depot SurPRIZE Cards

My husband and I received our Office Depot SurPRIZE cards yesterday. Unsurprisingly they were for $10 off a $20 purchase. Since I want to eBay everything breakable I figured this would be a good investment:

$19.99 bubble wrap
.27 clearance Thank You cards (filler)
- $10 off $20 purchase

What did you get?

Click here to find out:


Cathey Ihms said...

.27 thank you cards?!? Jealous! I was looking for thank yous at Target the other day, and ended up paying 11.00 for 50. And I really wanted black ones too, but they didn't have them!

Anny said...

They were lumped in with the graduation stuff but didn't say graduation :)

Van said...

Another good one to try. Nearly everything I ship is super breakable and bubble wrap goes FAST! I'm always hunting for ways to get it for free or very cheap.