Thursday, October 17, 2013

eBay Yakking - Free listings + Seller Updates

eBay just came through with 200,000 free listings. I posted and reposted a bunch of stuff and am close to breaking 100 postings for the first time ever!

One day auctions usually work well for me. There is the near-instant gratification of selling, being paid and shipping quickly plus my listings will show as having less time remaining so closer to the top of search results.

eBay just sent out its monthly newsletter and (as usual) its full of non-news they take credit for. They are still making a big deal of free insurance on Priority Mail packages when printing labels through their service. Everyone knows USPS tacks on free insurance regardless of where you buy postage. I could walk into the post office and pay with a roll of quarters and get free insurance.

They also linked to another delightedly convoluted chart showing how much I save using my eBay discount to buy postage. If I understand it correctly they are now offering discounts on International shipping too. That is pretty cool!