Saturday, October 12, 2013

Did Lowes cancel your order? Don't expect them to tell you.

The Paterson, NJ Lowes is on a highway undergoing major construction. Today there was also a six car accident right before their entrance so getting there was...craptastic.

So why did I go? I'd ordered these pillow 90% off to $1.40:

Cute right? Slickdealers have been happily getting them for a while now.

Unfortunately when I got to the store they could not find my order. It wasn't under my name, my phone number or my order number. It was just...gone.

After being transferred twice between cs reps one of them scrolled through all the placed orders from the day before until my order was located.

It  had been cancelled because "the price was too low." and I "should have received a call."

The indiginity.

So guess what was in the mail when I got back home? A refund receipt from Lowes for my cancelled order. I would have preferred the pillows or barring that a call or e-mail telling me to avoid traffic.

and the pillows? Still show as in stock at that store.