Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Completionist Thrifting

The first two thrifts are from last night. First Salvation Army - aka My Favorite Store

Soldier - 1.99
Silver bowl - 2.99
Candle holders - .99
Cup - .29
Pier One Star - .49

Remember I bought the set with the yellow cups last week? This is the sixth cup I thought I bought! I haven't listed them yet so this was timely.

Cool tea light holder. I officially (ages ago) own too many tea light holders.

This bowl weighs almost 1.5 pounds! It has a "Made in Japan" sticker on the bottom. $3 was probably overpaying but it called me the way non-ornate things normally do.

What is this little guy called? He is filled with these little bowling pin looking toys but nary a ball :( I found a similar one on etsy and they call it a "matryoshka nesting doll game" but google doesn't think that's right.

Then I went to an AWFUL thrift store called Value City. It was HUGE but everything in there was crap. Anything cool or vintage was chipped or broken and the prices were so inflated! Their bags are from a Supermarket in Texas who probably returned the lot because of bad printing.

Thermos - .99

This was the only thing kinda worth buying in the whole store. I thought it was vintage cause their HUGE price stickers covered the whole bottom. The copyright says late 90s. I am never going back there again.

Undeterred I went thrifting at my standbys today. First Salvation Army:

Sour Cream Cup - .49
Matryoshka Nesting Doll - .99

Look its a third cup to match the 2 from a bit ago. I was just pondering on them last week. They are on eBay and keep getting watchers without bidders. Perhaps making it a cup trifecta will be the push that auction needs!

The smallest doll is barely over an inch in size. I kinda want to keep them.

Then I swung by the little thrift shop:

Caterpillar toy - .25
11x14 padded envelopes - 10 for $2
Halloween capes for niece and I - .50 each
2 Jeans for eBay - .50 each

I've eBayed my own unused jeans before but apparently there is a market for used ones? I figured for a buck I would give it a try.

Now I have to go list stuff. I am seriously backlogged!

Although you can find me at Thriftasaurus.


Cathey Ihms said...

Awesome finds! Those nesting dolls (and the nesting soldier game) are awesome!
I have a couple crummy thrift stores around me too. All new mass-produced junk, and any true vintage is way overpriced. Can't stand stores like that.

You had a great week!

Pamela Wade said...

I would want to keep those nesting dolls too! So neat! Looks like you found lots of goodies! ~~Pam