Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You know I love you, right Discover?

Yesterday's post made me realize I never discuss my Discover More card. The last time I really mentioned it was when I was signing up back in 2011.

Well, its been a great two years and as long as they continue being fabulous they will continue being my card of choice!

So far the only Discover-phobic location is my local McDonalds - in spite of their Discover logo on the door *eye roll*

The rewards are AWESOME! I've successfully cashed in for credit on my statement several times. There is a cash limit in order to cash in (I believe its $50) but any amount of rewards can be cashed in at Amazon at checkout. As soon as I select Discover it auto-links to my account and tells me how much I have earned in rewards and asks if I want to use any/all of the rewards towards the purchase.

Their on-line shopping mall is amazing too. I regularly get 5% back at almost any on-line store I visit and they will bump this up for holidays and other events up to 15%!!!

When I signed up I knew I would have to sign up for bonus categories quarterly. This upcoming quarter gives me a BONUS 5% back on rewards any time I shop on-line! I buy almost everything on-line! Anyway, I was worried I would forget to sign up but turns out its pretty hard to forget. A month before the new quarter begins Discover will e-mail and text reminders, based on communication settings. All I do is log in, click "Enroll" and I'm set for three months. If a client can't be bothered to do it they don't deserve the bonuses!

Plus look at the card design I picked - a cassette! Isn't that adorably wonderful!? They have hundreds of designs but this resonated.

So if you are shopping for a new card go for a Discover More, its been two years of awesomeness here.


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

I have a Visa rewards that works the same way. I love shopping on Amazon for free with my earned points! :)