Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why OH WHY did you have to extend Under the Dome!?

How awful was last night's finale!?

Obviously Barbie isn't dead - he is the protagonist. It would be like killing Big Jim and expecting entropy to halt. He just got tossed into extra danger because the show is going another season and we needed some kind of cliff hanger.

Sucks dude.

That episode was so slipshod. Until last week I thought tonight was the finale. Voice Over Guy kept saying 13 Part Series and Summer Series and I foolishly believed him. After all, the pacing during some of the episodes was so slow I figured they were trying to stretch into 13 episodes.

Well last week set up the perfect finale. The butterfly could have hatched, the dome lifted and we all felt satiated by a show that didn't go on for 7 years and devolve into lunacy (I remember you Lost).

Instead it will be back next season and "answer so many questions" and "the rules will change" and " you will question everything you thought" and other nonsensical patter we've heard a thousand times before.

Lets face it - the show's first season wasn't anything compared to other similar shows. People watched because nothing happens in the summer and I watched because I wanted a 13 part show which ended.

I wanted a mini series.

Instead I got a sloppy portion of a story which has already grown unwieldy.