Friday, September 13, 2013

When was the last time we discussed eBay psychology?

I was hanging on yesterday. She is a garage saler/eBayer/blogger. In only three months she became a power seller and already has hundreds of items listed!

eBaying has been a hobby for over twelve years but at a much slower pace. I typically have fifty items listed and it took me ages to become a Power Seller. My "stock" is stuff I am decluttering or couponing surplus. Sometimes it goes right away and sometimes I relist for months.

Obviously I am more laid back.

This is the front and back of the card I insert in every auction I mail out. Back in college - over a decade ago I ordered something from eBay. It came in a gift bag with a very nice thank you note. I was so impressed I started sending my own thank you notes. Since that time I've left over 1,000 feedback so that is a lot of notes!

When Staples gave away business cards a few years ago I made hundreds of these. I write on the back of the cards during downtimes - usually while waiting at a doctor's office, oil change place or other business known for keeping customers waiting. My husband does something similar but he has a rubber stamp with his thank you note on the back. I like the hand written approach. His also specifically asks for feedback while mine implies it. Our feedback ratio seems about the same.

Also, as soon as I receive the Paypal e-mail telling me a buyer has paid I respond with a copy and pasted e-mail which I "perfected" back in 2008. It thanks them for bidding, congratulates them on a great deal, informs them of shipping date and finally says to check eBay within 24 hours for tracking information.

Once they leave feedback I reciprocate with a copy and pasted (see a trend?) message thanking them for their speedy payment and (again) congratulating them on a great deal. My return period is two weeks so about once a month I go through and leave any non-feedbackers feedback. Sometimes they give it back and sometimes they don't. *shrug* Once you break 1000 the minutae isn't as important.

So that's my post-sale eBay strategy - ship fast and be complimentary. These guys are buying stuff I don't want so its best to be nice!

Back in 2008 I wrote on how to land repeat business on eBay. No need to reinvent the wheel on this one - my practices have not changed at all in about a decade.