Monday, September 2, 2013

Wait this is Dark Tower Canon!

SEVENTEEN years after The Talisman Stephen King brings us Black House. I've been working my way through his works on audio (over 60 gigs) for the last few months and when I started Black House last week I immediately realized I knew Jack Sawyer!

When we last saw him he was a 12 year old boy on a quest. Now he is an adult cop in our land solving a crime originating in another land. There are twinners, monorails, breakers and as usual the Dark Tower is in danger.

Its our old story continuing in a tangent to satisfy that need for Information.

Now if someone would get off their butt and put The Dark Tower on my tv I will be ecstatic. Under the Dome has been doing pretty well in the ratings so maybe this will break the Stephen King tv curse.