Sunday, September 1, 2013

Varmeljushallare! Bless you.

Holiday weekends are terrible for saling but hubby and I own a house now (!) and visits to the Habitat for Humanity store have become rote.

I saw this closed box under some some other things and gasped. The first Ikea in my area popped up back in college. I didn't have a car or expendable income plus I lived in a dorm room with (presumably) working fire alarms. Luckily one of my favorite folks was not hampered by any of these constraints and he bought:

Varmeljushallare! They are white porcelain, interlocking tea lights. I've thought about them on and off for years but they were discontinued and I think about too many things to start eBaying. These beauts were only $2!

Then because I love round, breakable things made of glass I got these tea light holders:

.25 for the small and .35 for the larger. Isn't cobalt blue such a pretty color?

I am sharing at The Thrifty Groove cause I like to see what everyone else bought too!


Jeannie Marie said...

I bought a bunch of those tea light sets at Ikea five or so years ago. I gave them to many people but neglected to keep a set for myself! My two daughters in law both have a set and I enjoy seeing the different ways they use it!

Diann said...

Those tea lights are such a fun find! and I love the cobalt blue dishes. Thank you for sharing at TTF!