Saturday, September 7, 2013

Then I forgot all about groceries

I had vague plans when I left home this morning: mail an eBayable, buy groceries, possibly hit up Kohls for blackout curtains, etc. Instead I garage saled!

This isn't even everything I bought!

First sale: .25 crystal vase.

Its about 6" tall and I could have sworn it was identical to a Lenox vase I eBayed years ago but I was wrong.

$1 dvds - 2 for my niece and 2 for me/swapadvd once I remember exercise sucks
.50 glass silver vase - reflecting a rainbow here

This was a home stager's sale. I was SUPER excited by all the nice things until I saw prices. There was a $1000 dining room set! These lamps are really tall, I took a pic with a can of rootbeer for scale.

$30 - pair of lamps
$5 round vase in earthy colors (this was a bad buy but I was excited by all the pretty things)

$1 - Curtain rings we "need" as much as anyone needs curtain rings

$1 - Glass mini tree - I always see these made of plastic so this was cool to find. Everything at this sale was $1 but it was lined down the driveway instead of sitting on tables. Weird.

$5 - Estate sale bunch of breakable stuff and a basket to toss it all into. See my Peace hurricane, snowflake trivet, vintage tree "thing holder?" This was fun.

I got a pair of adorable tea light holders
Two teeny glass reindeer to put under the tree. I actually bought 3 but one has broken legs :(

So much stuff was a quarter! That heart is a glass box I can use as packaging for a gift. The glass citrus squeezer is something my mom was been looking to buy. The two trays I purchased hoping they would be large enough for our keys and/or candy. Sadly both are too small but at least they were only .25 each!

See? I keep buying stuff that is sized for single people instead of married couples.

$3 - Large vase
I pictured this one on a chair because I purchased it thinking "this will look great in the kitchen" and forgot that was Previous Home's Kitchen. Current kitchen will inevitably get new furniture and cabinets and this pretty vase has become obsolete already :(

.50 - Kosta Boda tea light holder!
I found a larger one only a few weeks ago and it is so BEAUTIFUL! Ironically this sale was only two blocks away from home in the opposite direction of where I started. I only found it because I was trying out a new route to get back.
So barring any more Kosta Boda showing up in my life I am officially Cut Off from buying more candle holders. Truth be told, I hardly ever burn candles. The holders are pretty, they smell nice and I love flickers but I never think of setting them up.
Chez Random is at candle holder capacity.
Except for more Kosta Boda.
Turns out I want even more of it!


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Lots of cheap, cool stuff. When we had yard sales we just lined the driveway since we had no tables that we could borrow or drag out for the sale.

ThrifterSisters said...

Love all the pretty glass. I tend to get discouraged when stuff isn't set up on tables but after reading your post and seeing the cool stuff you found, I think it's time to re-think that.