Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thank you for being a time saver Discover!

I moved recently but had not updated my address with credit card companies. Since my mail at the previous address is secure and all communications with these companies is digital it was not a priority.

Anyway, today I sat down to sort old receipts and figured this was a good time to multitask and do it over the phone.

AMEX was flowery and kept thanking me for being around. I charge less than $100 a month with AMEX so this felt like a lot of posturing.

Visa was perfunctory! They must time their calls because the service rep almost hung up on me after our call instead of wishing me a million happy days.

Discover was my favorite. Not only are they my favorite card (rewards FTW), they were the only card which gave me the option of skipping all the "recent transactions, credit limits, last payments, etc" information at the beginning of the call. This honestly cut my call time by about 75% and probably saved them a few cents from their 1-800 call.

Good job Discover, you continue to be my favorite!