Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Saling

I can't remember the last time I saled on a Sunday. Normally I stay home and avoid weekend traffic but today there were errands to be run.

I saw the sign for this sale yesterday but was hurrying elsewhere. The lady kept saying how much more traffic she had today than yesterday. The dvds may be sold or swapadvd'd or traded in at Best Buy the next time they have their Upgrade & Save deal.

Angry Bird for niece - $1
High School Musical 2 - .50
Rockettes dvd - $1
Mug Stein - .25

I bought a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament yesterday for my baby niece and was psyched to find a 2008 version today for her big sister!

Ornament - .50
Big Hug Mug - .50 (Future eBay)

8 Glass Swizzle Sticks - $1 (Future eBay)

This sale was manned by what I thought were sisters but apparently it was a mom/daughter team:
2 Disney plates for my niece - $1

This was the same sale where I bought the apothecary jar yesterday.

Jar + 4 mugs - $3 (Future eBay)

I don't know this mark but they are pretty and it says Hand Sculpted.

Today I was able to go further into town since I'd bought more cash!

Precious Moments Christmas nightlight - $1 (Future eBay)

Same sale after I paid for the nightlight. I saw these jumbled up behind the seller. The seller said she used them in the yard for plastic utensils and snacks.

Two acrylic serving bowls + 3 smaller containers - $2 (Future eBay)

No luck finding these on eBay yet.

Right next door:

20 Megablocks + some random Legos - $1 (Future eBay)

On my way back to the card from block sale I had to pass in front of acrylic bowls sale again and I saw these Barbies under the table.

3 Vintage Barbie Displays - $3 (Future eBay)

Aren't they cool? The box says early 90s.

Etch a Sketch - .50
Yamazaki tissue box - .50 (Future eBay)

This is probably my score of the day at the same sale!

Darth Vader "thing" - $2 (Future eBay)

Its a huge cardboard box with a large envelope inside. The Darth Vader seems to be made of pewter. Inside are two stills from the movie inside a large envelope. No idea what its worth but I was willing to bet the $2 ;)

Two blocks over:

Carter's blanket - $3 (Future eBay)

I was down to a dollar again so headed towards the grocery store when I found this:

Wall quote - Free

With one dollar left I had to choose between this adorable bank and an alcohol server. Guess what I picked?

Silver plated bank - $1 (Future eBay)

Man after this weekend I am going to be so busy on eBay. Thankfully its almost the first so I can take advantage of the fifty free listings again!


Mid Mod Mom said...

I adore neighborhood sales, it is like an all you can eat restaurant! Looks like you are going to be busy listing!