Thursday, September 12, 2013

Product Review: Kohls Eclipse Blackout Curtains

Is there anything worse than waking up in a sunny room? Bright light everywhere, rays of sun on the floor, reflections making it even worse? Its enough to make a girl invest in black paint and turn her bedroom into a haunted house contender.

The first few days in our bedroom were this bright every morning:

Swank headboard, less swank amount of light
Mostly because the room has a sunrise facing window which washes out my camera when I try to shoot it:

Trust me - that window may look like its an overcast day but really its so bright my camera didn't want to shoot it. Also, we broke the mini blind sometime during the move. Stuff happens.

First we tried hanging my husband's "black out" curtains from Bed, Bath and Beyond. They have a tighter weave but are unlined and beige so the room was still miserably bright. The curtains are packed away so no pictures but they were definitely misrepresented as blackout curtains.

Then we found the box with my darkest curtains:

See how the right side of the curtains look faded out? That is morning sun coming through an unprotected window.

This was almost bearable and definitely better than the BBB ones.

Then we saw Kohls had their Eclipse blackout curtains 50% off and decided to give them a try. I ordered three but only hung up one the first night. At $25 a panel they would be going back if light leaked through!

Huzzah! Once again my camera compensated for the low light by making things super bright but trust me - we woke to a lovely dark room this morning. Light leaks through the top but we are planning on buying nice curtain rods and hanging them higher anyway.

The curtains have a delicate, almost burned on circle pattern. It was not apparent on the Kohl's website and I probably would not have bought them if I'd noticed them beforehand but I can live with it. As you can see in the folds, the circles are only apparent when the light directly hits the curtain. Also, they are pretty wrinkled and the internet tells me getting the wrinkles out will be a pain. Luckily these are bedroom curtains and once I get two up wrinkles and folds will look the same ;)

The curtains are polyester and unlined. They feel like a very soft felted material. I would definitely recommend them.

They are normally $49.99 but Kohls doesn't ever sell anything at full price. Last week they were 50% off and this week it looks like they are 40% off but you get $10 Kohls cash for every $50 spent.