Friday, September 6, 2013

Man kids are going to be disappointed by THESE vending machines

When I was growing up everyone in my family had "their" plate. Its where you had every meal and snack. If your plate was dirty or missing it was up to you to remedy the situation or (possibly) go hungry. (Yes, we had extra plates for company. Company was always the exception to every rule.)

My plate was made by Corelle and resisted quite a few drops to tile flooring. It survived two moves and being washed by a teenager for years. In fact, my parents still have that plate! Its at least 25 years old and looks brand new.

A few years ago, one of my roommates bought a set of Corelle and I raved about how resilient the material was. Unfortunately the first casualty occurred a few days later when a bowl fell off the kitchen table and SHATTERED.

I should have taken a picture because there were hardly any chunks, it was all slivers. A quick google showed newer Corelle is prone to shattering instead of breaking and a lot of consumers are turning away from the brand.

Well Corelle is trying to redeem itself by setting up vending machines with their wares inside:

Instead of receiving dishware in cardboard and cushioned in foam, consumers are watching the plates drop, unwrapped. Not only should word of mouth drive these plates to sell out quickly, its the perfect way to prove the quality has improved.