Sunday, September 29, 2013

Look my husband went saling too!

This week went by so quickly!

My niece started kindergarten a few weeks ago and loves cartoons. She told her mom she wants a "collection" of Lalaloopsy dolls. My sister-in-law said she didn't know where they sell those and my niece gave her a url! Wait until she learns about Amazon!

3 Lalaloopsy dolls - .50 each
2 Baby toys for younger niece - .50 each
4 Butterfly curtain tie backs - .50 each

The lady didn't have change so she told me to grab anything else for .50 and that's how I ended up with this very tall, very curious vase:

Next up was a church rummage sale.

3 Shrek the Third McDonalds glasses for eBay - .50 each
100 Years of Disney McDonalds glass - eBay - .50
Anchor Hocking bowl and lid - $1 (I don't think these are a real pairing but they fit)
3 Sets of Christmas light - .50 each (will probably trade in for $3 towards led lights again)

I was trying to make my way to my brother's house when I happened across a sale run by three old ladies.

Lady One:
4 Board books for niece - $1
Fire King dinner plate - .10
Curious bowl - .30

Lady Two:
3 Metal Santa ornaments, 1 Porcelain Angel - $2 (I didn't even haggle!)

Isn't the detail awesome?

Lady Three:
2 Lenox Wine Holders - $2 each (for eBay)
Doggy Holiday Hair Bows - $1 (for eBay)
Marble Square....paperweight? - $1 (cause those candle holders made me realize I love marble)

Little sticker, who knows what it used to say *shrug*

Then I followed my regular garage sale route instead of heading to where I should have gone!

Commerciral grade icicle lights - $2
Leather bound box with 2 photo albums - $2

Small Corningware for leftovers - .75

There was a citywide garage sale a few towns over and I showed up without enough money!

Heavy purple vase - .50
Precious Moments vase - .50 (for eBay)
There was another person shopping at the same time and when he found out the sellers were newly engaged he immediately popped out his dj business card. I got one as a casualty.

RIGHT next door:

Apothecary jar - $2
If there had been a summer between my engagement and our wedding I could have outfit the entire candy buffet with garage sale glass.


Tray holder cause I don't have my old ones anymore - $1
Table top heat - $1
Glass candle holder - $1 (bad purchase)

I think I am going to mail in that ancient warranty card! Also check out the lovely vintage Corningware on the box. It exactly matches the stuff I bought last year.


Gorgeous pair of Georges Briard trays - one still boxxed! - $5 (eBay)
Vintage pair of Coke glasses - $1 (eBay)

The internet says this is 24k gold plated. Unfortunately eBay says I would be lucky to get $30 each.

I'd called my husband two garage sales earlier (at the Precious Moments, dj garage sale) asking if he wanted this mat. The lady was asking $10 and it was brand new. By the time he called me back I only had $9 left. She said yes and everyone was happy :D

I pulled into this garage sale with .35 cents, 1 Canadian looney and a euro in my pocket. The lady wanted .50 for this little mat. I offered .35. Time to go home, next year I bring more money so I can go more than 3 blocks into the city!


I came home and my husband and I decided to make a Home Depot run for some small things we were need. We passed an estate sale still going on! At 3PM!!!

3 Hallmark Ornaments - $1 each (eBay)
Precious Moments plate - $1 - (eBay)
6 American Airlines glasses - $3 (eBay)
Baby's 1st Christmas ornament - .50
3x2 feet of skull fabric - .50
Paper holder for kitchen - $1 - This was on our "to buy" list at Home Depot!!!


What a great day, together we spent $52.35 today - more than I've spent saling in a single day since that time I bought my Kitchen Aid mixer!

Update: This week I saled on Sunday too!

I am sharing at Sir Thrift A lot, as usual.


Cathey Ihms said...

Great finds! I still can't get over that you only paid a dime for that fireking plate! And those 2 trays are awesome!