Monday, September 23, 2013

Show me the profit!

Remember last week when I was all "Meh garage sales, sleep is better"

WELL the internet and I spent a good amount of time last week looking at resale blogs. Folks were buying stuff for a quarter then reselling it for many, many quarters! I spent all week waiting for Saturday then I saw the forecast.


Lots of it.

So when I woke up at 8ish and saw how overcast the day was I didn't immediately get dressed and run out. In fact I didn't leave the house until close to 10!

I still did pretty well though:

This little guy dallied around my Habitat store for months. He was originally $2! I finally picked him up this week for .25

These three little bowls perfectly match a bowl I forgot I gave away the other day. Cursed decluttering! Now I will have to gift the other guys these 3!

At the next sale I found ebayables!

Green vase for me - .50
Cookie jar - .50 (listed here)
3 Partylite Candle holders - $1 (listed here)

On to the next:

Decorative mirror for me - $1
Set of three Christmas blu-rays - $3 (sold for $15 here)

The next sale was AWESOME! I bought that awesome blue file holder for $4 but all three were $10 so I figured I would try to figure out how to eBay the suckers. Worst case I can craigslist...or keep them for me!

So pretty. Alas the blue one was painted at some point and this label is missing from it :(

On eBay:

.25 Build a Panda Kit (listed here)
.25 Build a Bear Kit (listed here)
.25 Build a Bunny Kit (looks like it was opened at some point so I need to count all the pieces)
.25 1984 ornament (listed here)
Free - 1983 ornament (idk but that was my brother's birth year so he may want it)
.50 Limoges pocket mirror (listed here)
.20 Glass bowl for hair stuff since I decided to eBay the original thing I bought for that purpose
.25 Shower curtain hooks (for my parent's basement)
$2 Beach umbrella (not pictured)

As you can tell this was an awesome vintage sale. I was nervous about ending up with lots of stuff to store so I didn't go crazy but I am optimistic about what I did buy.

Look at the bag my stuff was packed into - it has a coupon for a free loaf of bread expires 1988! I was ten years old LOL

I happened upon a church sale on the way home and bought these four awesome minimalist planters for a quarter each! They weigh a lot but I don't know what they are made of besides AWESOME. Look at how big they are compared to a can of soda!

.25 Mikasa vase (listed here) I put up the crystal one from the other day here too

.50 vintage women's boy scout pin (listed here)
.50 tricolor bracelet for me
Free rolled gold plate cross

So it doesn't look like anything I purchased was worth much and eBaying is always work but it was fun. I didn't invest much into this venture and if the stuff ends up sitting around for months it won't take that much space.

So wish me luck!

Sharing at Sir Thrift A lot - where I first realized a profit could be made from the fun


kate steeper said...

A fellow spend pennies member of the ebay crew, i have a £2 limit on what i buy to sell, it makes for some strange stuff