Monday, September 9, 2013

Holy Crap, Facebook helped something good happen!

Alzheimers runs in my family so stories like this really hit home.

Back in July a couple in their late 80s went for a twenty minute ride, became disoriented and ended up 950 miles and several days away from home!

Thankfully their grandson is a web developper who created a facebook page to help find them:

In the end a kindhearted person rode through backroads near a town where they'd been spotted and found them. The lady believed they were on vacation and the husband believed they'd only been gone a day. They hadn't eaten since leaving home.

Isn't that scary?

Social media, cell phones and everyone asserting Big Brother is watching makes me forget how easy it can be to slip off the grid and even with hundreds of people looking for a specific car you can just disappear.

How did Jack Bauer do it so successfully for seven years!?