Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We're moving soon *jazz hands*

So I'm starting to worry about my lack of packing. My husband started a few weeks ago and has most of his stuff in boxes or sold on Craigslist. We're aiming for a September 1 move in date so time is close!

Last time I moved I started craigslisting stuff five months early! I lived in a swank area and had enough space to photograph stuff, stick it on a shelf and wait for it to sell. Now I live in a much less desirable area so when I craigslist I photograph at home, list with my husband's address and move the stuff there until it sells. Much less desirable.

So want to see what I have packed so far:

This is my "Decorations Closet." Its all my candles, holders, vases and other breakables. I printed FRAGILE on a ton of regular address labels and stuck them all over those totes I got free back in January.

I also picked up all frames 5x7 and smaller and stuck them in one of the baskets from this weekend:

Completely unimpressive.

We're planning to hire movers but its expensive! The new place is only 15 minutes from home so the plan is to move what we can and hire for the bigger stuff. Luckily I can leave some things in the basement and pick them up at my own leisure later on.

Time to go pack my beautiful blu-ray collection. I swear it gets heavier every time I do it!