Sunday, August 25, 2013

So beautiful you will google translate it

Want to see a home I totally covet but could never exist in?

Not because its pricey but because I could never allow anyone else to enter and I would spend a significant amount of time cleaning...and browsing Ikea for new additions:

Look at the Malm, lamp and candlesticks! This did not cost a fortune but it sure it pretty.

The lamp shade is definitely Ikea and those nightstands look familiar ... but check out that wallpaper. Couldn't you just lean on it for hours?

I don't know what that large piece of furniture is but its Ikea'ian and that looks like an Ektorp couch. I am pretty sure that vase is from the same place. Maybe curtains? I love the tripod lamp!

Nothing overtly Ikea here but that chandy and wallpaper have me so jealous.

More Ikea! So beautifully Ikea'ian.

And this angle? I could cry...but I won't because I wouldn't want to damage anything.

Seriously, everything in this home is so perfectly selected, maintained and just ... beautiful!