Thursday, August 15, 2013

Real Simple's The Organized Home

I picked this book up garage saling years ago. Real Simple: The Organized Home is a compendium of good ideas from their magazine. Its stuff from organization, to pantry stocking to laundry tips. My copy is going off to but here are some pictures I took before sending it off:

Take some old pipes, drill holes into it and set a solar light inside. This book is from 2006 so it suggests "uplights" but these days you can find solar lights at the dollar store.

Petals and floating tea lights in a wide vase like I garage saled the other day. This is for the Imaginary Life I lead.

Warm your spoons before measuring honey, maple syrup, etc and so much won't stick to the spoon. I hear this tip every few years and promptly forget it.

This is a great gallery wall! Were Command Picture Hanging Strips even invented yet!?