Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pinterest and I talk Kitchens

My husband I closed on our Forever Home this week. It took about five weeks so there was much Pinteresting in the meantime!

One of the larger challenges of combining households will definitely be the kitchen. The house was built in 1948 and judging by other 1950s kitchens I've seen on-line these may be original to the house:

This is the realtor's website pic of the kitchen. Try to see past the kitchen set hiding the cabinets. Don't they remind you of the ones Daniel over at Manhattan Nest just painted:

He says his are 1950s cabinets so I am going to assume ours are just as old.

See that one row of cabinets over the sink? That is all one LONG cabinet all the way to the wall. The doors swing right and left but all open to one big area. I want to remove all the doors and have it just be open shelving all along. Well maybe keep one or two doors for hiding ugly stuff like spice jars but open the rest up so we remember to eat what's in there whilst simultaneously admiring our collections of dishware.

I am a little nervous of this kitchen. Eventually we will replace the cabinets but for now this is where all the cooking and eating will happen. I am awful at feeding myself when a kitchen makes me sad. If its tiny or inconvinient or anything after a while I start avoiding it without even realizing it. It devolves into nuking and running.

So anyway I could paint the cabinets (and may still do that) but it will require a lot of sanding, patience and good weather. Plus if I sink a crapton of time into painting I may not want to replace!

So here are some pins that will hopefully make life in that room more pleasant:

Taryn got a paint stirrer, some hooks and labels and suspended all her measuring STUFF inside a cabinet door:

What a neat organizational idea! These things are always getting jostled around and this will be great for my "everything in its place" lifestyle. Plus our cabinets already have a bunch of teeny, tiny hooks inside. Unfortunately whoever installed them must have used dainty tea cups because my regularly sized mugs are way too big.

Ronda over at used Bondera to put up tiling. Its pricey (eBay had the best prices when I checked) but seems worth it. You get one big sheet of this super strong adhesive. You stick the tiles on. Immediately grout. Our formica(!) countertops have a few marks including one large burn mark and I had an Insane Moment where I thought about just tiling the backsplash even without changing the cabinets yet. Insane.

In my old house I kept all this stuff in that akward cabinet over the stove hood. Here there is much less space so I may end up doing this.

I always wonder about these shelves. You combine two household's pyrex and corningware and it spreads out. I used Ikea shelves in my old place to hold baking sheets in order but those were much flimsier supports: