Friday, August 9, 2013

Painting Ceiling Fan blades

I love my living room's ceiling fan! It has a remote control, speed settings and was a life saver when I played my Wii exercise games. So I was pretty excited to see ceiling fans in almost every room in our new home. The downside is Every Single Fan is aluminum colored with glossy black blades.

I have had a white ceiling fan in a box for about two years and was planning to get it swapped out for the one in the kitchen - cause who wants to cook with a black whirling dervish over their head!? Then I started googling ceiling fan makeovers and it appears the internet agrees with me - ceiling fans are mostly ugly yet useful.

Little Green Notebook sprayed painted the whole thing: I've painted fan blades without issue before but had not even considered painting the base too! A fan the same color as the ceiling will visually disappear much faster then a looming black one.

Some folks brilliantly modge podge wallpaper onto the blades.

Store House Wife attached fabric to her blades: I wonder if this cut down on wind at all? I once attached those "dust minimizing strips" to the top of my fan and it killed the circulation.

Some folks stencil

I love the look of spray painting through lace. It may be too much for a ceiling but I bet it would look great in a frame.

This one was probably my favorite. It looks kind of weird turned off but on it looks great! I am a big fan of drum shades so I will have to do more investigating into how to secure one of these babies. The only thing worse than falling asleep with a black cloud whirring above would be being woken up by a projectile shade!

There seem to be two ways of going about the spray painting. One is in situ. I did this four years ago and it worked perfectly:

While going through stuff in preparation for the move I found my poor chandy of 2011. I bought it for my office but its been in its box for so many years. With so many fans in our house this bab


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