Sunday, August 4, 2013

Man I Missed Saling!

So when the lady who is taking over my apartment came by she thought I'd already started packing! I laughed and said I rotate accessories. A lot of people seem to display 30 knick knacks per room AND NEVER CHANGE THEM! I'd rather rotate and appreciate a few things at a time.

Its easy to do at garage sale prices. Saling is fun because I get to shop, save and decorate all in one trip! Plus I usually dig the memories associated with the piece.

First up was this simple vase for a $1. A little higher than normal for garage saling BUT I had a plan as soon as I saw it:

Leftover wedding flowers with beads around the bottom and a leaf. That leaf fell off a plant months ago but is still alive. I like looking at it.

Two silver candle holders $1.75
Two marble candleholders/vases $5

This was a moving sale run by a very mean mom and her laid back husband and son. A neighbor asked if they were moving and she responded "YEAH to make YOU happy!" Normally sellers at least pretend to be friendly and cheerful so I bet her neighbor really will be happy to see her go.

I didn't realize until I got home there was a $15 tag inside. These are really heavy and the holes go almost to the base. I asked the seller what they were intended for and she said "Whatever" so I guess tea lights? I feel like I've seen similar items with lights inside.

Two Baskets $2

Ikea maybe? I liked the texture and got caught up in the internet craze for visible storage containers. I may end up selling these since I prefer to keep my storage hidden.

$1 Teleflora vase in middle
$1 Two glass jars

I used to have the one on the right and I decorated with it all the time. Unfortunately I decorated with it in our wedding's candy buffet and ended up selling all those jars as a lot. I was hoping to find a replacement and here it is!

I think I will keep this on the kitchen table for a bit. My real roses haven't been producing much lately.

$5 Hammock at the same sale

This sale was three women in their thirties and was at one of their mom's houses. Everything you asked a price on was $1 - except the hammock which I am pretty excited about!

Swung by the Habitat for Humanity store:

$15 Sink
$1.50 Two paint rollers
$1.50 Paint tray

Our next home will be getting a kitchen makeover and I think a double sink like this could be handy. Currently I have a deeper white sink and hate cleaning it. I think a taller faucet would be ok with a shallower sink. I wonder if I could use the one on the left as a dish rack!?

When I got home my neighbor was having a Moving Sale too! If I'd known I would have definitely stayed home and sold my junk instead of going out to buy more. By then it was close to 3pm (on a Sunday) so it wasn't worth dragging stuff over. Oh well.

It was still a really fun time and I got stuff I really like. And baskets.