Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Its like having the Secret Service plan your garage saling

http://www.yardsaletreasuremap.com/ can revolutionize your garage saling. No joke.

Tell them your starting destination zip, distance willing to travel and preferred shopping date. The website will map the most gas effecient route from point to point and back home. You can click on any sale and the corresponding craigslist ad will pop up.

This is freaking brilliant.

Unfortunately its not for me because when I sale I go up Crooks Ave in Clifton, NJ and follow signs. If still unsatisfied I follow signs off of Valley Road. I am a creature of habit prone to getting lost - plus I am not saling for anything specific anymore.

Remember 2009 when I kept saling for household basics? Well the basics are all covered and in many instances even upgraded - except the Kitchenaid. That may still be my ultimate garage sale coup.