Saturday, August 24, 2013

This chandy is about to go SOLAR

Phew am I tired! We are moving soon so there has been way more exercise than usual at Chez Anny. Unfortunately that means I slept late and didn't get to sale until close to noon. Back in the day I would not have even bothered since the best stuff is gone by then.

But check it out - I found a chandy for $5! I've been wanting to convert one into a solar powered toy for DAYS. 50 cent softball because I want to play games with my niece. 10 cent glass frame. I shouldn't have bought it but it was solid and glass and I forget I am moving.

Speaking of moving - I bought a crapton of paint and supplies at the Habitat store. White semi-gloss is SIXTEEN BUCKS a gallon now - when did paint get so pricey!? Regular paint was $10 a gallon, some quarter outlet covers, $1.25 brush, $1.50 roller covers. These covers are made of cardboard which is perfect for people who want to chuck them afterwards - like Me! For the amount of time, water and soap you spend cleaning a roller you may as well just buy another one.

$10 for 5 gallons of driveway resurfacing. My parent's driveway is in desperate need of this.

And then cause I hadn't gotten my fill of tchokes garage saling I picked these up at the Habitat store. The 4 green votive holders were a dime each and the glass ball looking votive holder was 50 cents. For someone who hates being cold as much as I do I certainly have enough stuff that looks like ice ;)

I am sharing at The Thrifty Groove and Sir Thrift A Lot.


spymay said...

I think that ball votive is a Kosta Boda Snowball crystal votive.That was a good find.
I'm interested in how you're going to turn the chandelier solar-I hope you do a tutorial.

Diann said...

Good finds! Love the chandy and you can't beat the price! I can't wait to see what you do with it! thank you for sharing at TTF!