Tuesday, August 13, 2013

eBay Trading Assistant Program Cancelled


Remember the eBay store in the 40 Year Old Virgin? There was a 13 year old kid wanting to buy HUGE women's high heel shoes but the owner couldn't sell them because they were already on eBay?

That lady was a trading assistant and if there had been a sequel this program may not have been cancelled.

In case you didn't know eBay trading assistants are folks who can eBay your stuff for a fee. I've been a registered assistant for at least 5 years but have only sold for one person ever. Don't get me wrong - I get 5-10 phone calls and e-mails a week asking me to sell but I always ignore them. Once I agreed to sell Uggs (this was years ago) and what I received were nice looking knock-offs from China. The other time I sold a crapton of books for some guy.

So it seems eBay has finally caught on and decided to cancel their program as of September 20, 2013.

What they should have done was created some kind of rating system for sellers. Or they could have had an inactivity penalty - "If you don't sell for others within 3 months we will stop listing you!"