Thursday, August 29, 2013

Don't worry Eric Northman, we never expected you to really be dead

Season 1, so lame he may as well have been Eric Cullen
So Eric Northman's actor is running around telling everyone he will be back next season:


If you didn't watch the finale stop reading or spoil yourself.

In the finale Eric is able to walk in sunlight after drinking Warlow's blood. Predictably, he takes off to read german whilst naked on an iceberg. I'm serious.

Warlow gets staked, the magic is gone and Eric catches fire and screams. Last we see of this fangy dude for the season.

I bet he got hot enough to sink under the ice. Or he was fast enough to dive underwater. Or some supernatural thing wants him alive and makes it happen.

Not even for a second did I think he was going to be gone so anti-climactically.

Who is he - Terry?