Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Diamond Select Candles - Darn clever!

A few people on my facebook page "Like" Diamond Select and after months of seeing their advertisements pop up in my feed I finally googled the company.

The premise is simple: they sell candles with rings embedded in the wax. Buyers burn the candle and retrieve a ring that could be worth up to $5000. See that gold coin looking thing on the side of the candle? Its a foil wrapped packet with a ring inside. Its nice customers don't need to reach the bottom of the candle to get the ring. Its also savvy because while it will take a couple of days to get a couple of inches down it could take ages to burn an entire candle!

Their facebook page is full of people excitedly finding costume jewelry:!/diamondcandles

There was some cute stuff but nothing spectacular until you get to the pinterest page:

On the top left are Facebook images of candles worth over $100. I like this one:

So I guess the company is legit although judging by the Facebook feedback chances of finding an expensive ring are very slim.